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Ava Devine is probably the hottest teacher at school. This mature busty slut has big tits and she likes younger men. She has a great way of showing her students how she cares about them. No one ever got an F from her class because she always gives many oportunities for retaking tests. For those who aren’t capable enough to pass the exams she has some time reserved to let them show some other talents of theirs.

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Every student thinks that Ava is the best teacher at school.Sometimes she even does a couple of students per day, it’s no problem for her at all. Ava Devine is also a sponsor of the Big Tits At School club, a female society that a couple of our busty schoolgirls founded couple of years ago. Life is hard for teachers endeed. All of her school adventures are caught on tape and we have them for you in great quality!

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CJ is forced to stay after class because his teacher, Ava Devine, caught him skipping class to have sex with some girl in the school parking lot. Now, if he doesn’t want to get expelled, CJ is going to have to show Mrs. Devine his skills…